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Thine Memories

A Marauder Era Rpg

Thine Memories, A Marauders Era Rpg
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The year is 1978. The Marauders, now completing their final year at Hogwarts, are forced to sit idly by with the other students as the Wizarding world is immersed in darkness; lengthening shadows disrupting the lives of everyone they touch.

A deeper division is building between Muggles and Wizards with reasoning that holds little merit. Without the implications of magic, there are few differences between the two worlds, though not all share that perspective. A life is still built of family and friends, of love and loss, of heartbreak and heartache, of patience and growth... And death is still often proceeded by anger, distrust, and discrimination. The reality is, you are never safe, neither Muggle nor Wizard.

Dark times lie ahead and both worlds are growing darker with every passing breath. Evil continues to rise from the underground. Good still holds strong with hope. The Muggle world is at a loss and the Wizarding world only has but a glimpse of the horrors in store. And while the Wizarding world is hanging on by a thread, hearts still grow heavy, love still brings pain, friendships still bring foundation, souls still meet on distant planes, and all must meet with the future that is quickly becoming the present.

The Fates hold no favourites in this tale and everyone's lives and loves hang in the balance. The choice between good and evil isn't always easy, but darkness holds no shades of grey. Everyone must fight for what they believe in, even if the ones they care about are on the opposite side.

As the darkest cloud passed over your head, what side will you choose?